Amanita pantherina instructions for microdosing

Panther caps in capsules

Panther fly agaric in capsules

If you got here, then you have a magic jar with the inscription NZT

Panther fly agaric in capsules

This instruction is for guidance only and is the personal experience of the author, his studied experience of other people.

The action of the panther fly agaric is very similar to the state of taking an NZT pill.
NZT is a pill that greatly increased the activity and productivity of a person to the maximum. So it was in the movie Area of ​​Darkness (the movie is not as scary as the title :) Who watched, understands what I mean.

Therefore, this series of panther fly agaric capsules is only for those who understand its power. For myself, I see that it is stronger than the red fly agaric at least 5 times. Moreover, the effect and states are different from Amanita Muscaria. For example, if the red fly agaric can act more gently at a dosage of 2 g, then the panther one, even at 0.5 g, is felt as a powerful surge of strength and a noticeable change in consciousness.

I would not drink it every day, but maybe I'm just not ready for such powerful manifestations yet. If we talk about sensations, then I felt the power of a snake, and even at night I dreamed of snakes. And three or four times
Each capsule contains 0.3 g of panther fly agaric. I recommend drinking exactly this dosage if we are talking about microdosing.

DOSAGE of fly agaric capsules
Microdosing is 0.3 gr no more!
Anything more can already cause small changes in consciousness. Dosage 1gr, may be with a sufficient change in consciousness.

It is better to drink intermittently, not every day. But you can try your own.

PLEASE be as careful as possible when using. If you drank 0.3, 0.6 or 1 g, then do not add during the day! I drank a maximum of 1 gram, and felt on the verge of a trip.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND drinking it at night. Only in the afternoon or in the morning

The use of the panther fly agaric is in fact not deeply studied, and information is only partially provided by those who have experimented with it. Therefore, maximum caution and awareness!

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