What is useful Amanita Muscaria

Red fly agaric - benefits

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What is useful mushroom red fly agaric?

Red fly agaric, when consumed in microdoses, has healing properties, and consumption of the mushroom in excessively large dosages can cause hallucinations. There were even deaths.
Application of red fly agaric

From the red fly agaric of the Amanita family, traditional healers prepare various tinctures with alcohol or vodka, extracts, and ointments.

Contraindications. Adverse reactions from taking drugs from fly agaric.

Fly agaric contraindicated use during pregnancy and lactation, as well as a person under 18 years of age.
The use of alcohol tincture from red fly agaric in large quantities can provoke intoxication of the body, so it is better to give preference to preparations for external use. When using and preparing products from red fly agaric, it is important to follow the dosage and carefully read the course.

Manufacturing process

Red fly agaric is recognized as a poisonous mushroom, which is collected only for preventive purposes. For the only the top of the fungus (cap) is used. They are not washed, but simply broken into small pieces by hand. This work should be done only with medical gloves. Pieces of the mushroom are poured with alcohol or vodka. Tincture is stored in the cellar or refrigeration units. Properties are preserved for 3 years.

To get red fly agaric powder, it is necessary to dry and then grind the caps. Dried mushroom is stored in a dark place (basement, cellar) in glassware (hermetically sealed vessel, jar).

Be sure to keep the tincture and powder away from children.

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