Amanita muscaria
+ lion's mane

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Mix of red fly agaric (Amanita Muscaria) and lion's mane

Mix of red fly agaric and mycelium of Hericium erinaceus comb in the ratio of 50%x50%

The recommended daily dosage is 1-2g (or 2-4 capsules if you have capsules) of the mushroom. Take preferably before and after meals with warm water. Can be taken on an empty stomach.

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Mix of fly agaric and Hericium

Properties of Lions name

To date, the positive effect of Lion's name in the prevention has been confirmed and is used for:
  • growth and recovery of affected nerves;
  • normalization of sleep disturbances;
  • improvement of abstract thinking;
  • ensuring a keen perception of reality;
  • improvement of cognitive functions.
Hericium erinaceus strengthens the immune system and maintains cholesterol at an optimal level for the human body.

Distinctive features of Hericium erinaceus

Growth and repair of affected nerves

The scientists used aqueous extracts of Lions name for experiments on rats. Mushrooms were used to repair damaged nerves and stimulate their growth. Malaysian studies have proven the ability of Lions name to promote nerve growth and differentiation. Promote the growth of healthy neurons.

Of course, in order to confirm the effect of Lion's name on humans, additional clinical studies on volunteers are needed. Nevertheless, the first and at the same time promising step - a breakthrough in the scientific world has already been made.
Mix of fly agaric and Hericium 1

Useful properties of red fly agaric

The psychotropic and neurotropic effects of red fly agaric have been known for a long time. In addition, today it is already known for sure that this mushroom contains other alkaloids.

The caps of the red fly agaric contain:
  • muscarine;
  • mediator serotonin, successfully used in the stimulation of nerve cells;
  • choline;
  • trimethylamine;
  • muscafurin;
  • ibotenic acid, which.
Mix of fly agaric and Hericium 2

Considering the fact that muscimol itself can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, its use can positively stimulate the human nervous system.

We provide the opportunity to purchase both dried red fly agaric caps and microdosed fly agarics. Packed in sealed polyethylene bags, they are completely protected from the destructive effects of moisture, which allows the mushrooms to store all the useful substances and elements even during long-term storage.

  • sleep disturbances and depression;
  • stabilization of the state of the central nervous system;
  • has a significant analgesic and wound healing effect;
  • stimulates the immune system, strengthens it;
  • relieves fatigue after physical labor or training.
Red fly agaric is a great remedy for those who need to improve their memory and increase their stress levels. Fly agaric tincture helps to cope with fatigue.
It is necessary to start accept with red fly agaric only after consulting with your doctor. Most often, doctors recommend starting to take red fly agarics with microdosing. This is how you get the opportunity to minimize the risk of a possible overdose and at the same time get the effect of therapy with beneficial substances contained in amanita muscaria.

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