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Dried fly agaric for sale. Microdosing of Amanita Muscaria

Red fly agaric, lion's mane, cordyceps militaris.
Shipping to the U.S. and worldwide
Шляпка красного мухомора
Red fly agaric

Mushroom online store Amanita Universe with dried amanita muscaria for microdosing, harvested in July 2023 with special drying at a temperature of 45-50 degrees

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Amanita Muscaria

Main advantages

Affects cognitive abilities
Increases learning ability and mental clarity
Improves overall health,
lowers anxiety
Grown in wild unexplored forests
Has healing properties
Organic product gifted from nature

Amanita muscaria or pantherina

Amanita muscaria & pantherina

Lion's mane

Cordyceps militaris

Antiparasitic triychatka

Birch chaga





Gifts for the birthday

Congratulations!!! If you have a birthday soon (for example, in three days) or even recently (three days have passed), then you can write to us when ordering in the comments and we will give you a -10% discount

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Our product has been awarded the prestigious safety, reliability, and responsibility certificates, affirming its commitment to the highest standards in these areas.

We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, and this documents signifies our dedication to their safety and peace of mind.
Our team

About us

Our team is composed of individuals who have a genuine love and appreciation for nature. We conduct our activities in full compliance with legal regulations and established rules. We're, the owners of site, personally oversees the quality control of each shipment, drawing from his extensive experience as a mushroom picker.

We take great pride in offering authentic Ukrainian mushrooms that are highly regarded by customers not only in our country but also from around the world.
We are dedicated to continuous growth and fostering long-term partnerships with our valued customers.

We place a high value on every customer and guarantee the quality of our products. Our team is readily available to address any inquiries you may have and to assist you in making the right choice.
Hi, we're Ed & Nazarii
Care is everything to us

How do we harvest?

We prioritize the quality of our mushrooms, conducting rigorous checks before packaging. With proper packaging, we guarantee freshness and flavor throughout the shelf life. We offer a variety of packaging options to meet individual customer preferences. Our aim is to ensure each mushroom is preserved in optimal condition, enhancing the joy of cooking.
Mushrooms picking
We are located in the Volyn region and take great care in choosing the most beautiful and healthy specimens for our products. Our collection process follows strict environmental standards to preserve the region's diverse flora and fauna for future generations.
To maintain the nutritional value of product, we employ a careful drying process. We ensure that the temperature remains below 50 degrees Celsius. Before drying, we clean the it, removing any sand, branches, grass, or leaves. Additionally, we regularly rotate the amanita during the drying process to achieve more uniform result. By following these methods, we ensure that the mushrooms retain their valuable properties and delightful flavor.
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We value your time and convenience, so we offer several payment methods for our customers. You can choose any method convenient for you.

Address delivery available.

We deliver in 1-2 days so that you can receive your mushrooms as soon as possible, so you can enjoy quality mushrooms as soon as possible.

We are pleased to offer international delivery of mushrooms.
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