Amanita Universe delivery and payment

Delivery is made by:
USPS - for small parcels
UPS - for large parcels

Shipping time is 2-7 days.
Address delivery available.

Mushrooms are sent in ZIP bags labeled "for external use only" to avoid unnecessary questions.
Capsules, chocolate, tinctures and oils are sent as antiparasitic agents.
If suddenly the parcel does not pass customs, we return all funds, minus the shipping cost.
Refunds are very rare, 1 time in 50 shipments

Please send the recipient's data in English letters and a new value from each line, example:
Zip code - W91 HY33
Address - 28 TownSquare.
City - Blessington
Country - Ireland
Full name - Aleksandra Festenko
Phone +353121212121