Amanita Pantherina GROUND 50 g


SEASON 07.2023

Ground caps Amanita Pantherina.

This is not the Royal Fly Agaric, but the Panther Fly Agaric.

PANTHER is much more powerful than the red fly agaric, be careful when using it. Even a small dose, 1 gram, can cause changes in consciousness.

Two jars with a lid, 25 g each, net weight 50 g.

The content of hallucinogens gives the panther fly agaric its strongest physiological activity. Due to the presence of the biogenic amine choline in the mushroom, it is most often used as a stimulator of metabolic processes in the body. Useful in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • tumors of various origins;
  • sclerosis and migraine;
  • joint pain and painful sensations in the bones.

To prepare medicinal preparations from panther fly agarics, use dried caps. Dried mushroom caps can also be used to heal open wound surfaces. The cap is simply applied to the wound, and within a few hours it will be possible to tighten the wounds.

Even in the 17th and 18th centuries, both red and panther fly agarics were known to be powerful entheogens needed to alter consciousness. And today they continue to be used for this purpose. There are no insects in the areas where panther fly agarics grow. They die even because they simply sit on the cap of this mushroom.

Interesting fact! Fly agaric is the most famous mushroom on the planet. Research shows that 96% of subjects can identify a fly agaric mushroom by its characteristic appearance in a picture, while only 53% can recognize a white mushroom.

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