Amanita Pantherina capsules 120 x 0.3 g


SEASON 07.2023

Ground amanita pantherina for microdosing in capsules of 0.3 g. There are 120 capsules in a package, the net weight of the mushroom in a jar is 36 grams. This is not the Royal Fly Agaric!

Total weight: 36 g, 120 capsules of 0.3 g

PANTHER is much more powerful than the red fly agaric, so be extremely careful when using it. Even a small dose, 1 gram, can cause changes in consciousness.

Among the variety of panthers, the fly agaric is considered, so to speak, the “younger brother.” His appearance does not attract attention at all. Unlike the red fly agaric, which catches the eye of even the most inexperienced mushroom picker in any forest. To a certain extent, such inconspicuousness can even be dangerous, since the mushroom is quite easily confused with some edible species.

This is especially true for very young red fly agarics. Therefore, it is very important, before you go looking for mushrooms, you need to carefully study its photographs and all the features of the mushroom. This will help you not to make mistakes and risk your health.

Some types of fly agarics contain an ingredient used to fight cancer. Extracts and tinctures from panther fly agaric are also used to treat joint diseases, relieve brain spasms and mild atherosclerosis.

Modern biochemists are already paying attention to the amygdalin content of panther fly agarics, and this component has demonstrated consistent activity. Panther fly agarics are also included in many folk recipes for medicines, which, according to healers, can relieve rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis.

This is why the panther fly agaric and its relatives will be more actively used in the future to create new medicines after a series of consistent studies.

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