Lion's mane WILD whole 100 g

SKU: EgCeliy100
SEASON 07.2023

WILD Hericium erinaceus. Whole mushrooms.
Total weight 100 g.

Growing in the forest on trees.
The most natural way to grow.

A course lasting 25 or 12 days depending on the selected daily dosage, which is 2 or 3 grams.

Have you ever seen mushrooms at least once in your life that can easily be confused with a lion’s mane? Does it seem surprising and incredible?

There is absolutely no need to be surprised. This is what a unique mushroom looks like, the regular use of which is practiced in folk and official medicine to improve brain function and treat benign and malignant tumors. Lion's mane is also used to treat many other diseases.

Lion's mane contains unique components that may play a role in stimulating the growth and regeneration of neurons and nerve fibers.

Representatives of official medicine call these properties regulatory growth factors; they are credited with the following properties:

assistance in transmitting impulses and signals to synapses - the points at which the relationship occurs between cells or neurons that receive the signal and the neurons themselves;

the ability to isolate separately nerve impulses, ensuring faster transmission of signals from them;

ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of conduction of nerve impulses between peripheral nerves and neural brain connections.

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