Cordyceps militaris capsules 120 x 0.5 g

SKU: KordMicK120
SEASON 07.2023

Cordyceps militaris is grown on wheat (vegetarian).
Ingredients: ground fruit bodies, cordyceps militaris, vegetarian capsules.
Total weight: 60 g, 120 capsules of 0.5 g

Cordyceps militaris grown on wheat (vegetarian). It differs from the wild one in having a smaller composition of nutrients, but the price is tens of times cheaper.

Dietary supplements containing cordyceps have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Since ancient times, the mushroom has been used to treat patients for arrhythmia. Heart rhythm disturbances, a fairly common disease of our time, have been known to doctors and traditional healers for a long time.

As a natural immunostimulant, this mushroom is striking in its ability to increase the level of immunoglobulin production in the body. Cordyceps activates the body's defenses, causing them to more actively fight viruses, bacteria and infections.

Many users rightfully consider cordyceps a unique supplement that serves to maintain and improve the health of all, without exception, organs and systems of the body.

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