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Red fly agaric ground 100 g

SEASON 07.2023

100% ground amanita. Supplied in a jar with a lid.
Without additives.
Total weight 100 g.

For a long time, people began to pay attention to the healing properties of red fly agarics. Properly dried red fly agarics you can purchase in our online store.

The practical use of microscopic doses of fly agaric has already 100% confirmed the benefits that the beneficial substances and trace elements contained in these mushrooms bring to the human body. The red fly agaric contains them in large quantities:

  • vitamins and derivatives from them - ascorbic acid, a group of tocopherols, carotenoids, ergosterol;
  • protein compounds;
  • mineral group – selenium and zinc;
  • peptides – ergothioneine and glutathione;
  • phenol compounds - lignans, oxidized polyphenols, phenol acids, tannins, flavonoids and stilbenes.

A guarantee that the use of red fly agarics will really be important for the body is the obligatory observance of the cleanliness of the place where they are collected from an environmental point of view. This aspect plays a key role.

Further, the quality of dried red fly agarics directly depends on compliance with all technological processes for their processing and drying. If both of these conditions are met, you can believe that using red fly agaric will actually make a difference for your body. Mushrooms can be used for preventive purposes.
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