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Red fly agaric in capsules 120 x 0.5g

SEASON 07.2023

Capsules with amanita muscaria 0.5 g for microdosing 120 pieces.
Ingredients: 100 percent ground fly agaric cap. Without additives.
Total weight: 60 g, 120 capsules of 0.5 g

There are two courses - 30 or 60 days, depending on the dosage (0.5 g or 1 g). This is a convenient method of administration for those who avoid the unpleasant taste of red fly agaric or cannot accurately weigh mushroom caps.

Indeed, the healing properties of red fly agarics were known to our distant ancestors.

It is believed that people who practice microdosing almost never get colds and have increased resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

Microdosing can actually affect brain function, promoting more open thinking and encouraging you to learn new things. These changes can stimulate a person to become more active in learning and development. The result is a competitive level in the modern world.

Understanding and processing vast amounts of information with creativity is becoming available to microdosers. Advanced capabilities help them cope with the challenges of the modern world. Microdosing can provide support for emotional, psychological and physical needs.

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