Red fly agaric caps 200 g

SKU: MXM_Hat1sort_200
SEASON 07.2023

Dry whole and broken caps of the red fly agaric Amanita Muscaria.
Almost w/o sand!
Total weight 200 g.

The unique properties of the red fly agaric are successfully used in the field of cosmetology. Preparations made from this mushroom effectively fight diseases such as stretch marks and cellulite, and also have a beneficial effect on the development of varicose veins and eczema.

A cream containing fly agaric extract activates the natural process of collagen synthesis in the body. Fly agaric oil enriches the skin with valuable nutritional acids, keeping them in the cell.

Massages using such products have a relaxing effect and prevent a decrease in inflammatory processes. In addition, fly agarics can help overcome skin-related problems such as calluses and cracks. Cream with fly agarics helps speed up the healing process and make the skin soft.

Thus, if the mushroom has been collected from environmentally friendly places and properly dried, it can be successfully used as a remedy as well as for various protective measures.

Regular use promotes the use of the body's protective factors and increases its resistance to viruses and bacteria.

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