Red fly agaric caps 100 g

SKU: MXM_Hat1sort_100
SEASON 07.2023

Dry whole and broken caps of the red fly agaric Amanita Muscaria.
Almost w/o sand!
Total weight 100 g.

All mushrooms are collected in ecologically clean areas and undergo thorough laboratory analysis, excluding the presence of radionuclides or heavy metals in their composition. No body system will be harmed by microdosing. Taking this mushroom in microscopic doses is absolutely harmless. All products are certified.

Microdosing can help those wishing to achieve the following goals:

  • stop drinking alcohol and drugs;
  • quit smoking;
  • increase creativity and productivity;
  • learn to concentrate and become more attentive;
  • develop communication skills;
  • positively change your perception of the world;
  • forget about depression and emotional anxieties.

Interestingly, in ancient Egypt they used an ointment made from fly agaric to combat wrinkles. In combination with citrus oils, fly agaric extract can help accelerate metabolic processes in the deep layers of the skin.

These little red fly agaric superparticles can help improve your standard of living.

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