Fly agaric tincture: where to buy and instructions

Amanita tincture

Our company offers to purchase a healing tincture from amanita muscaria

This remedy helps to get rid of many diseases and with its regular use the condition improves quickly

Fly agaric tincture - application and instructions

If you have never tried such a remedy, then you must first consult with your doctor. Due to the alcohol content of the tincture, the remedy is contraindicated for people who cannot drink alcohol due to the presence of certain diseases.
On our site you can buy fly agaric tincture at an affordable price.

The products are always in stock, we prepare the product in advance using 96% medical alcohol. Tincture should not be consumed as an alcoholic beverage, it can adversely affect health.

Some companies sell tincture in vials, be careful when choosing products, since such a product is not intended for ingestion, but is used exclusively as an antiseptic.

Fresh fly agaric tincture

Order fly agaric mushroom tincture on our website. We organize prompt delivery of goods to any city in Ukraine. Products can be used to treat various diseases, read more about this on our website.
fly agaric tincture

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The Misunderstood Magical Mushroom - Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric)

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