Amanita chocolate for microdosing

Amanita chocolate for microdosing!

New product on the market!

We make this chocolate ourselves, at home. We use ground 100% cocoa beans in briquettes and cocoa butter. We also ditched regular sugar and use coconut sugar. Instead of dairy products, add coconut or corn cream.

The fly agaric content is on average 10% by weight of chocolate, the exact dosages are indicated on each package.

We noticed a big difference between taking the pure mushroom and taking it with chocolate. Chocolate enhances the action of the fungus, but gently and more deeply. Gives you a lot of power! We call it the "electro-broom" mode :)
And at the same time, we notice its effect on the emotional state, more calm, clear and present.

It tastes like chocolate of medium sweetness, not bitter, and at the same time not a pronounced milky taste. The salty taste is also felt, this is due to the content of the mushroom, we do not add salt :)
Types and forms

We make 4 types of molds - these are:
100g (24 tiles of 0.4 g of mushroom);
100g (15 tiles of 1g of mushroom);
108 gr (18 hearts for 1 gr mushroom);
216 gr (36 hearts for 1 gr mushroom);

And soon we will launch hearts of 15 g each (1.5 g of mushroom) in a gift box.
White and dark chocolate will also appear.

Packaging and storage
Our packaging is craft, without plastic windows, in order to reduce the amount of plastic. The chocolate itself is wrapped in foil, except for the heart-shaped options.
Since we store it for no more than 30-60 days, the taste and appearance does not change.

Reception and dosage

We recommend a daily intake of no more than 1 g. Ideally, eat half as much mushroom in chocolate as you would normally eat in hats or powder.
2 gr. mushrooms in chocolate can feel like a little trip!

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